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Law & Ethics

How to file a complaint

CAR Ethics Complaints

Ethics Complaints, Arbitration Requests and Related Information.

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C.A.R. Ombudsmen Contact

(213) 739-7227

Volunteer realtors who answer non-legal questions and resolve non-legal disputes.

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Legal Hotline

Talk to a C.A.R. Hotline Attorney

Agents call:
(213) 739-8282

Broker-Owners, Office Managers, Designated REALTORS call:
(213) 739-8350

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Realtor Party

Political Action Committee

(202) 383-1080

Programs, grants, promotional materials and fundraising tools.

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Realtor Party Active Campaigns

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Take a look at active campaigns or sign up for alerts.

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Agent Tools, Rules & Regulations
PAR Bylaws
MLS Policies
PAR Citation Schedule
MLS Rules & Regulations
Code Of Ethics
MLS Glossary
PAR VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES - Read full descriptions below

MLS Team

Chairperson Mel Benny, Terry Collin, Jeanne Collins, Jay Sabelman, Jayce Coziar

Provide advice, counsel and recommendations to the Board of Directors on matters relating to our Paragon system and the MLS Rules and Regulations. Monitors use of system for compliance issues and provides education and training to the membership for use of system.

Education Team

Chairperson Natalie Livezey, Joyce Coziar, Alicia Hammerich, Laura Briggs

Format content and scheduling of education programs. Create video learning opportunities, including Paragon, C.A.R. forms, Zipforms and other tech tools.

Public Relations and Social Media Team -

Chairperson Alicia Hammerich, Mike Summerfield, Alicia Dalton, Megan Dube, Sadie Benny, Mel Benny, Michele Smith

Develop an advertising and public relations program and seek opportunities for Association media coverage. Develop and implement a social media program, provide information on trends, stats and home ownership and property rights for consumers. Determine social media outlets, and interface with local news providers. Find ways to enhance the REALTOR® image in the community. Minimum two members, five or more preferred.

Budget and Strategic Planning Team

Chairperson Laura Briggs, Jayce Coziar, Natalie Livezey, Hannah Mansell

Prepare annual operating budget, including recommended budgets submitted by committees, for consideration by the Board of Directors; recommend expenditures for unbudgeted items; set objectives, identify opportunities and challenges, and allocate resources to ensure continuity through leadership changes.

Core Standards Compliance Team

Chairperson Natalie Livezey, Jayce Coziar, Hannah Mansell

Work with the AE, BOD and related committees to comply with the new requirements for all local associations sanctioned by the National Association of REALTORS®. Requires planning, monitoring and gathering of materials to show compliance of all programs and procedures in the areas of Advocacy, Code of Ethics, Consumer Outreach, Financial Solvency, Technology and Unification and Support of the REALTOR® brand. Oversees the final electronic submission of compliance form by the deadline of June 30.

Scholarship Team

Chairperson Laurie Humphries, Kim Train, Tanya Quackenbush Jeanne Collins, Lee Ballard

Encourages member donations to the Association’s scholarship fund that awards high school scholarships each spring. Reviews student applications to determine who qualifies for scholarship funds and awards scholarships to winning applicants.

REALTORS Action Fund (RAF) Committee – Fund supports lobbying efforts of C.A.R., the largest lobby group in the State of California. Creates new legislation or opposes proposed legislation that protects private property rights and affects REALTORS’â ability to do business in the State. Committee educates members as to the importance of the REALTORSâ Action Fund and encourages members to donate to the fund each year at the time they pay their membership dues. This fund is virtually our assurance to keep us in business.

Local Government Watch

Chairperson Natalie Livezey, Kari Brown, Dan Gallagher, Mark Smith, Jayce Coziar

Review agendas for County Board of Supervisors, planning commission, and city council meetings to monitor the interests of property owners in our county. Review and study local political/governmental measures affecting the real estate industry and property owners, and alert to the Board of Directors when real-estate related topics come to the table. Encourage member participation in local government and urge members to vote in elections.

Nominating Team – Responsible for the nominating process each year for open Board of Director positions. Presents slate of qualified applicants to the Board of Directors for each election.

Housing Affordability Task Force –

Chairperson Natalie Livezey, Hannah Mansell, Joyce Ruschhaupt, Laurie Humphries

Identify issues that contribute to the housing crisis as it relates to Plumas and Sierra counties and seek ways in which our association can help alleviate conditions that contribute to the crisis.

Grievance Committee – Shall be bound to strict confidentiality in all matters before, during and after a review. Reviews and conducts preliminary investigations and evaluations of complaints, in accordance with the California Association of Realtors Code of Ethics and Arbitration manual. Determines if complaint warrants further consideration by a hearing of the Professional Standards Committee. Eligibility Requirement: Must complete Mandatory Education requirements.

Professional Standards Committee – Shall be bound to strict confidentiality in all matters before, during and after a hearing. To serve on Hearing Panels as required on matters of alleged ethical misconduct by members or to provide panel members for arbitration, as requested. Hearing Panels and Member’s responsibilities shall comply with the C.A.R. and N.A.R. guidelines and defined in the California Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual. In addition, this committee shall plan programs to promote further adherence to high ethical standards by our membership. Eligibility Requirement: Must complete Mandatory Education requirements.

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